This website is to assist parents and others concerned about what has been happening in Birmingham schools to be part of the process of resolving the current situation.

There are two affected schools in Birmingham, Yardley.  At Golden Hillock the parents have mandated the governing body to try to transfer to a different educational trust.

In Oldknow I (John Hemming) am talking to various stakeholders to try to work out how best to take things forwards.

I have only just opened an account on nation builder and am working out how the system works.  My plan is to have a mailing list for people interested in the issue.

Please click on the Supporter link here to go on the list of people wanting to be kept in touch. 

Noah Myers was fined for taking his son out of school for a couple of days to support a cousin participating in an international sporting event. He took his other son out of a different school at the same time, that school wouldn't authorise the absence either but didn't fine...