Justice for Families campaigns to improve the operation of the family courts (including the court of protection) in order to treat families with respect.

The current system is driven by the demands of the state and operates for the convenience of the state with multiple miscarriages of justice.

The end result is that often the wrong children are taken into care.  Some children are wrongly removed from their families and others are left to die from abuse and or neglect when a more independent evidence driven system would have made different decisions.

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There is a Justice for Families linked forum here. This does not have the same memberships as the campaigns website. Some people find it useful.  Please don't use your real name if asking for advice on the forum.   Any advice has to be very very general specific advice needs to be done using a proper casework process.

There is also a JFF group on facebook here


Following the general election there will be a new website on which those people who wish to have their cases looked at will have to register.  This has not yet been set up, but should be set up in June.



Noah Myers was fined for taking his son out of school for a couple of days to support a cousin participating in an international sporting event. He took his other son out of a different school at the same time, that school wouldn't authorise the absence either but didn't fine...