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Noah Myers was fined for taking his son out of school for a couple of days to support a cousin participating in an international sporting event. He took his other son out of a different school at the same time, that school wouldn't authorise the absence either but didn't fine...

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  • commented 2015-03-17 12:44:21 +0000
    Vote for john hamming to be prime minister hes the only one tostop this forced aadoption in uk
  • commented 2015-03-16 22:12:15 +0000
    Stop forced adoption they coached made a fake medical report on my kids then produced headless photos after 8 months to have fact finding hearing then they coach my daughter on a video forceing her to say daddy licked yr bum and I give u a pink lolly sinead trys to leave room sereral times and they still force her I should set up my own website and put this dvd on it my email address is email me stop this corruption uk janet
  • commented 2015-03-16 22:06:40 +0000
    Vote for john hamming to stop this forced adoption uk corruption lies ; child abuse :lies destroying familys
  • commented 2015-03-16 22:04:22 +0000
    I vote for john hamming to stop forced adoption in uk dont adopt my sinead and james kelly on false information by eailing council
  • commented 2014-09-04 18:19:57 +0100
    If a family can be ripped apart and social have no evidence who’s the criminal. Because in a crown court this would not happen if you was a criminal. You would get a fair hearing. Instead , the social , solicitors etc go into court to discuss with out the is rents . The only time a parent goes into the court is to hear the final decision. Hey are told they will get to have a say but this is social blowing hog air up the parents
  • commented 2014-09-04 18:16:25 +0100
    Something needs to be done about fostering children and forced adoption. Social ruin perfectly good families and they say they don’t place children into care they prefer to keep them with their families. Rubbish. They destroy families and the parents have problems trusting anyone as the legal departments solicitors they choice to represent them in their fight for justice is shattered.