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This uses an experimental piece of software to assist in lobbying MPs. If you click first on the button below it will take you to the lobbying website. Then if you click on the button to Lobby your MP it will add your name to a petition to your MP calling for the MP to write in support of the Transparency and accountability bill. Your MP will, after a period of time, get a list of the people who have signed that petition so he or she can respond to them.
The following details will be used to fill in the forms on the email to your MP via Write To Them. If you do not provide a post code it will not be possible to work out who is your MP.

Address to use:

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Transparency and Accountability Bill.

Recent new supporters:
Noah Myers was fined for taking his son out of school for a couple of days to support a cousin participating in an international sporting event. He took his other son out of a different school at the same time, that school wouldn't authorise the absence either but didn't fine...

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